Risingholme Orchestra – motto: “Music for Pleasure” – was founded in 1992 and is Christchurch’s only daytime-rehearsing amateur symphony orchestra. Under the expert baton of our Musical Director Philip Norman, we perform in concert venues, at schools, and for members of retirement villages. Our repertoire is both eclectic and wide-ranging. Alongside “standard” classical fare, our performances include music from light operas, musicals, shows and film music; and new pieces by local composers.

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SUNDAY 29 MAY at the Woolston Club


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What some of our members have to say about us…

“It is wonderful to be playing in a full size symphony orchestra – to be right in the middle of music that you have only heard on a CD. Being surrounded by enthusiastic and talented musicians playing ‘like mad’ is a real thrill.”

“I often arrive at orchestra tired and dispirited and always leave on a ‘musicians’ high’ – restored and refreshed.”

“In so many ways, this activity is the highlight of our week.”

“The conductor really inspires us to play well. I am playing music that I would never imagined that I could play.”

I find Risingholme to be quite a unique experience and far more than just an orchestra, not to mention that the members seem to have discovered the secret to healthy immortality (actively performing at 100+ years old is beyond incredible!). 

It is certainly something for me to aspire to : )”

(Our youngest player Reuben)

Risingholme Orchestra Inc. is a registered charity (CC 24083) and very grateful for the financial support of: